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BushArts at Play...


Welcome to BushArts.com...

We use computers.

We play with, fix, fiddle, join, restore, upgrade and maintain computer systems.

Most of all though, we use them.

We use them to create content for home, hobby and small business.

Web Design, Graphic Arts, Digital Photography, Electronic Documents, 3D Modelling, Accounting, Communications, or anything else through to Training and Multimedia Productions.

If it can be done with a PC ...BushArts can help.

...PC Craft


Computers can be very useful tools as an aid in many home craft projects.

Our selection of Craft articles is a work in progress and aimed at those with even only the most basic of PC skills.

We also provide a selection of articles specifically for scrapbookers.

And users of ScrapbookMax! may find a few freebies within its own section.

Begin with the Craft Home Page.

Wherever possible, there are free example items to download - including Australiana.



To support the users of Mediachances' RealDrawPro, we have included a section on this marvellous piece of graphic software.

It's a program useful for anyone using computer graphics, from Craft or Scrapbook layouts, through Digital Photography editing, onto full Web Page creation.

It's well worth a visit to our RealDrawPro section.

Many of the Graphics on this site were created or edited within RealDrawPro.

...Daz/Studio and Bryce

If ever there was a piece of software that had a "Make Art" button... Studio by Daz3d would be the one.


Studio is free software to pose and render 3D Models, many of which are freely available across the Internet.

On any subject you can think of, there are models available, and Studio makes it very easy to turn them into useable artwork.

Also available from Daz3d is "Bryce".

Bryce is a world class landscape creator and renderer, with the capability of also using Studio or other 3D models.

Even a 3D beginner can create great scenes with Bryce, while skilled users have all the power needed.

Have a look within our Bryce and Studio section.


Training is available, either corporate or individual, with some Windows Basics overviews available here online.

Check the main Training Page for further details.



We are based in South West Victoria, deep Downunder.

Examples of our work may be found worldwide...

...On Websites, within games, and even within virtual worlds like "Second Life"...

... and many other places too!

Copyright, support or general questions are always welcomed.

Feel free to contact us using Email via the links on the Contacts page.

Please enjoy your visit!